Oh my Gosh. There’s nothing like doing a signing at your home Barnes & Noble—three days before your latest release, no less (just for the hometown advantage. ;D) I met and re-met the most incredible readers, old and new friends, book club members, and friends/family of...

This is Tosca, coming at you between books and I'm super excited to announce that my new thriller, THE PROGENY, hits shelves next Tuesday! What I loved about writing this book: the twists, the chase scenes (yes, there's parkour), the masquerade raves, all the underground...

So, the last time I had a book release and did my traditional first signing at my “home” Barnes & Noble, something amazing happened. There I was, shoes kicked off (for some reason this is becoming a habit) and somewhere around two hours in, I look up to find my then-boyfriend standing in line.

Me: “What are you doing?”
Him: “I want my book signed.”
Me: “You can have your book signed any time.”
Him: “But I want it signed now.”