Wow. When we (Asylum Warden Cindy and I) started this Elizabeth Bathory micro-fiction contest, we had NO idea how many entries would pile in. We got way more than we thought we would and it’s been SO fun to read them. So this was your assignment:...

So, the last time I had a book release and did my traditional first signing at my “home” Barnes & Noble, something amazing happened. There I was, shoes kicked off (for some reason this is becoming a habit) and somewhere around two hours in, I look up to find my then-boyfriend standing in line.

Me: “What are you doing?”
Him: “I want my book signed.”
Me: “You can have your book signed any time.”
Him: “But I want it signed now.”

Let's talk about food. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I Tweet nearly as much about food as I do about writing. Perhaps more. Yeah, probably more. (Except right before book releases, but I still manage to slip a few morsels in.) I wish I did...