The Line Between Arrives!

It’s here!

The Line Between officially hit bookstores and library shelves today!  Read the first three chapters now!

Please ask for it at your favorite book vendor and request it at your school and local libraries. And when you’re done reading, please take a moment to share your honest review with other readers.

Most writers have a love/hate relationship with reviews. But reviews are also the completion of writing process. Telling a story takes two people–one to tell it, and one to receive it. In the process of receiving the story, the reader is actually co-creating it with the writer!

I am always humbled not only that people take time to read what I’ve put on the page, but to engage in the process by taking time to share their honest thoughts.

The Line Between is out now.  I look forward to hearing from each of you as we create this next story together.


“The Line Between was an all around fantastic read, I couldn’t put it down…”   -@theliteraryllama on Instagram, naming The Line Between as one of her Top 10 Books of 2018

“Ms. Lee is a masterful painter of words!! Her detailed plotting of Wynter’s tale was breathtaking! One plot twist after another reaches out to smack you! Wynter was such an interesting main character. I’m so very excited to share this book with everyone I know because this truly does transcend genre and age.”  -Michelle Fritz, Goodreads review

“You will not only be unable to put it down, you’ll continue to think about it long after the final page is turned. Powerful, riveting, fascinating…. need I say more?”  – E.C. Diskin, Goodreads review

“Masterfully written, filled with suspense, edge-of-your-seat parts, sprinkled with grace and underlined with love and hope… Favorite holiday read 2018/19. ”   – Juanita De Vries

“I felt bad for the other books I pushed aside, when this one sucked me in and wouldn’t let go…”   – Gretchen Rodriguez, Goodreads Review

“Tosca Lee once again crafts a story that keeps you breathlessly turning pages until the very end. And then it leaves you wanting more.”  -Mary Jo Laupp, Goodreads review

“It’s fast-paced and a little twisted and the characters in The Line Between are complex and real, and you are rooting for truth and justice to win!” -Sonya Aydell, Goodreads review

“This thriller could have come out from the headlines. Apocalypse and end-of-the-world as we know it always looms on the front pages, and now in the pages of The Line Between… The mark of a great book is how it affects you when you’re finished. I’ll long remember this one, especially when the news speaks of possible grid outages or outbreaks of disease.”  – Randy Tramp, Goodreads review

“…the writing toward the end of the book was brilliant and breath-taking! The ending itself is nothing short of perfection – except, I WANT MORE!! The Line Between is an amazing thriller, an even better dystopian novel and an absolute must read for 2019!  – Mackey, Goodreads review




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