Infinity Anthology

Edited by the legendary Catherine Coulter and featuring bestselling authors Kelley Armstrong, Allison Brennan, J.T. Ellison, Jamie Freveletti, K.J. Howe, Darynda Jones, Shannon Kirk, Tosca Lee, Sheila Lowe, Isabella Maldonado, Susan Santangelo, Susan Wingate, and Daryl Wood Gerber, this anthology consists of memorable tales that open doors into thrilling and chilling realms you never knew existed. From the gnarled roots of trees reaching up from the sand like claws to the moment where one finds out the price of justice and who serves it, to a masquerade that can be murder—this collection was created to frighten, engage, entice, and, worse yet, make you wonder what awaits you in eternity when your number is up.

Inside you’ll find my contribution to this women-authored project: “The Cancun Game”—where social media is all fun and games… until your number is up.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to benefit breast cancer research.


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