Amerie’s Rain Candle


“Amerie loved rain. She loved the smell of it better than sun, and could smell a storm hours before it came. She said she loved that it brought her to the now. Because the moment your plans for anything are ruined, you are forced into the present. And for that one, perfect, ruined moment, she did not worry about the future, and the past was washed away.”

The Progeny by Tosca Lee

When I write, I try to place myself fully in the moment. In the passage above, I wanted to smell the approaching storm and feel the raindrops that connected Audra to her mother, Amerie. Now, a boutique candle company has captured this scene in a custom candle scent called Amerie’s rain.

Amerie’s Rain custom candles are available for a limited time. My hope is that this scent will connect you not only to the story of Audra, but to that place where you are fully present and fully alive.

Shipping is included in price of candle.

Candles are 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches in circumference. They are made of food-grade soy and come in a beautiful glass jar.

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