New Progeny T: A Reminder to Live in the Moment

I don’t always know a book’s theme until I start writing.

But week after week as I wrote the story of Audra, who had lost her past, and of the young descendants of Elizabeth Bathory living without guarantee of tomorrow, the theme became dazzlingly apparent to me. Live. Live now, in the only moment that exists: this one.

If you’ve read The Progeny, you know that the last character on Audra’s UV tattoo is the ancient Glagolitic symbol for “life.” A reminder for any of us living in the past or worrying about the future to LIVE fully, right now, in the present. Something I have to remember to do daily, hourly. Sometimes by the moment itself.

As someone who struggles with OCD, anxiety and occasional depression, I made this t-shirt as a reminder for myself. But I know I’m not alone in my preoccupation with things that seem bigger than they are, worry about a past that no longer exists, or fear of the future. Every time I’ve been transparent in an interview about depression, or even the ups and downs of creative life, I’ve received a massive response and outpouring of “me, too.”

So I’ve made these shirts for you, too. A reminder for those of us untethered from the moment to fear not! And be fully alive—right now.





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