Quick Fix for a “Meh” Day

Having a “meh” day?

I won’t lie, I’ve just come out of something of a slump, myself.

Here’s a trick I discovered a few years ago: next time you’re feeling blue/down/unmotivated/otherwise meh, e-mail or text three people three things you love about them.

That’s it.

I guarantee you’ll have a hard time stopping with just three people—and that amazingly, you’ll feel kind of awesome afterward.

Try it today or the next time you’re feeing a little ick, and leave me a comment letting me know what happened!

Sending you love today,


PS: Here’s three things I love about you, my reader: 1) Your adventuring soul 2) Your heart for others (I’ve seen it in action) and 3) Your beautiful mind that co-creates these journeys we take together. (Ever notice that I don’t always describe my characters in full—that I never even once described Clay in Demon? And yet you helped create and complete him in your mind.) Thank you for meeting me on this wild path called story and life!

  • Julie Landreth
    Posted at 23:06h, 20 March Reply

    Love this! You are my kind of friend. I do this.

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