Israel Blog 10: Float

February 11, 2010


Masada is amazing. Herod the Great was a monster, but he was responsible for some serious building. We pack in the cable car like live sardines and spill out at top. We sit in the synagogue, wander the Herodian palace, consider the cistern system—rainwater runs down the canyons into several collection holes.

It’s warm today; I’m wearing cut-offs. On this trip we have seen rain, sleet, snow, hail and now this beating sun all in the space of ten days.

And then we hike down. Forever. I will not be needing to work out tonight. Or next week.

We visit the waterfall at Ein Geddin. A waterfall in the desert is a major event, and this is where David hid out from Saul (that David and Saul sure got around). I don’t go see the waterfall. I eat French fries at the Ein Geddin store, check out the stinky mud products instead. Everything here smells like sulfur.

Back at the hotel, I run down to the beach. The sun seems to set early here in this valley 400 feet below sea level. It is just barely warm enough to wear shorts, let alone a swimsuit, so I squeal and take off running into the salty water for the obligatory float in the salt. I’m at the Dead Sea; it’s a moral imperative.

Floating. See? Floating, floating—okay. I get out, run for clothes, hotel, shower, massage.

Afterwards, I wolfed down some more hummus on some yogurt cheese chickpea falafel pita shawarma.

No I didn’t. I squealed all the way down the street to McDonald’s for some truly international cuisine.

Note: There are no cheeseburgers here (dairy and meat together isn’t kosher).

PS: What is it about those double Royales? I have never seen a burger that huge at McD’s—or pretty much anywhere.

Photo by Yanny Mishchuk on Unsplash

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