TBT: Why I Wrote Demon

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TBT: Why I Wrote Demon

This is a TBT blog post Tosca orginally posted when the latest edition of Demon was published as an eBook in February 2015.

One day, as I drove the stretch of Nebraska road that leads to my acreage, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be angelic and fallen. Would I go around tempting people to covet, lust, envy… just for kicks? It seemed too shallow a motivation for any complex, spiritual creature. There had to be more to it.

Suddenly, I realized that being angelic and fallen must be very similar to being human and fallen—except for one major difference: the provision of a messiah.

I immediately wondered what it must feel like to be damned for a single, failing moment—and worse, to watch humans luxuriate in and take for granted the grace made available to them from a doting God. And I thought: why wouldn’t an angelic creature resent a human recipient of God’s grace? And why wouldn’t a demon want to prove that creature unworthy again and again as a result? Now I knew what it must feel like to be an angelic outsider looking in with jealous eyes and razored heart.

I re-read the story of God’s love affair with humans through this new lens and Demon: A Memoir was born.


(From “Why I Wrote Demon” by Tosca Lee)

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