TBT: One


TBT: One

This is a TBT blog post. Tosca orginally wrote this post in January 2015, just as the latest edition of Demon was released as an eBook.

What if you made one mistake?

One moment you were worshipping the Mighty God and Creator who brought you into existence . . . and the next you were damned for eternity?

You had never seen sin, you had no experience with death, you had never felt separation. But you turned your worship to the greatest being under God in an impulsive moment that seemed to make sense at the time.

Just one thing.

And what if that same God replaced you in his affections with a baser, uglier, mortal breed—a creature made of clay. And you watched in horror as he breathed into their mud bodies the essence of his own spirit—a gift you had never received?

What if you watched as God taught them laws so they could stay in relationship with him . . . and they continued to do the same things that had ruined their relationship with him in the first place—over and over again?

Remember: you only did one thing.

And what would you think if that same God decided, in a radical move, to become one of them, to take on that mud flesh forever, and to let them kill him, and to die for them, so they could be reconciled with him again . . . this time forever?

You were supposed to be with him forever.

And what if you watched as that same mud race took it all for granted, going so far, even, to walk away and refuse it?

Would you be jealous?

Would you hate them?

Would you want them to die?

Of course you would.



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